Fourth Stage of the Information Revolution: Probable Drawings, Incredible Opportunities


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Fourth Stage of the Information Revolution: Probable Drawings, Incredible Opportunities

Volodymyr Vladymyrov, Doctor of Philology, Professor, Institute of Journalism, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


The article discusses the prospects for the development of the mass communication science in the direction of including in its discourse the modern achievements in the field of the relation between quantum physics and consciousness as well as the artificial intelligence. It will give the media new opportunities to influence mass consciousness, and to impact social processes.It allows to forecast the rise of the next, the fourth stage of the information revolution and to recognize the ways for preparation to it.

Quantum physics appears as classical physics develops in the study of the world. Scientists explain quantumness as the relations of everything with everything. Quantumism and consciousness are an already mastered topics of modern science. If we talk about mass consciousness, it should be recognized as a scholar problem and the existence of quantumness as an underlying phenomenon in mass communication. Perhaps this will be the content of the new, fourth stage of the information revolution – after its computer, Internet and mobile stages.

Therefore, the urgency of the problem we are addressing is the need to “let in” quantum methods into the thinking, creation and dissemination of the mass-information product in the mass audience. Theorists of our scientific discipline are interested in precisely the new knowledge of quantum “confusion” in the depths of mass consciousness, which exists and manifests itself in the processes of mass communication. Then the quantum approach can be extremely fruitful here.

Quantumism here appears both as a universal connection of everything with everything, and as the unpredictability of the nature of these connections from the point of view of ordinary and even dialectical logic. Here, the quantum logic of mass communication should be discovered. It should be noted that so far almost no one has noticed that media interference in the natural mental life of large human communities gives rise to a phenomenon similar to quantum “confusion”, when a change in the state of one “mass” thoughts occurs along with a change in the state of another.

Quantum “confusion” is what permeates all the “matter” of human communication / existence. All participants in mass communication are “confused” with themselves, like photons in physics. And they’re not just confused, everybody is one and the part of whole in the external, “physical”, existing, and is the part of the ideal world, with its thoughts, hopes, emotions, “confused” in the Internet

The introduction of quantumness as the leading principle of influence on mass consciousness is one of the three steps to a new stage in the information revolution. The second is the growing potential of artificial intelligence. The third is the gradual creation of quantum computers. All these together will make it possible to reach each recipient of information, to enter the inner, ideal world of an individual person, and even to see in this communication an intrapersonal discussion of a person with himself – and to control its course. Probably, the result will be the opportunity to learn to predict the unpredictable in behavior of “this” person in his behavior – in personal, group, intergroup, mass ones.

KEYWORDS: mass information; quantumness; mass consciousness; stages of information revolution.


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