Axioms as the Main Points of the Study of Mass Emotions in Social Communications


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Axioms as the Main Points of the Studyof Mass Emotions in Social Communications

Alevtyna Beletska, PhD (Social Communication)Institute of Journalism, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


The article continues the scientific study of the mass emotions nature in social communications caused by the means of mass communications (mass media, social networks). The article is based on 27 axioms (the statements that are the starting points for building a system of evidence): each subsequent axiom develops the previous one, as it obviously follows from it. The axioms are divided into 5 groups according to the logic of transition – from the axioms on individual emotions, to the axioms on emotions in mass communications and mass emotions in social communications. It is significant to note that the last axiom of the proposed list states that mass emotions as a phenomenon of social communication should be studied in the theory of social communication.

The article elaborates the part of the topic “Mass emotions as a sphere of functioning of social communications”, which is currently relevant for all participants of social communication process. The proposed series of axioms could be a cornerstone of the theory of mass emotions in social communications.

KEYWORDS: emotions; mass emotions; mass audience; social communication; mass information; mass interpretation; theory оf mass emotions, axioms as main points.


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