Fashion Referentiality of Stefaniia Martyniuk on the Pages of the Daily Newspaper “Novyi Chas”/”New Time” (1935-1939)


UDC 070.445-055.2:687.01]:[070.421Мартинюк:811.161.2’38’4](477.83- 074)”1935/1939″(092)(045)

Fashion Referentiality of Stefaniia Martyniuk on the Pages of the Daily Newspaper “Novyi Chas”/”New Time” (1935-1939)

Khrystyna Astaptseva, PhD Student, Ukrainian Academy of Printing


The objective of this paper is to introduce into scientific discourse the factual material about journalistic and editorial heritage of Stefaniia Martyniuk who is an unknown person up to the present day in world of fashion, turning to one more page in the forgotten history of the Ukrainian fashion-journalism.

For reconstruction of social experience of Stefaniia Martyniuk it was used the biographical method. Analysis of documents, namely all issues of the newspaper “Novyi Chas”/”New Time” from 1926 till 1939, helped us to identify those numbers of the paper in which the thematic column “Nashym chytachkam”/“To our readers” was published. Using the method of periodization, we were able to trace the qualitative changes in development of the women’s column “Nashym chytachkam”/“To our readers”.

The linguistic and stylistic (philological) method was used to analyze the stylistics and language of the column materials. For classification of journalistic heritage of Stefaniia Martyniuk, the genre method was applied. As well we used rhetorical analysis to study linguistic means in the editor’s texts. The discursive analysis was used to reveal correlation between publications and political, social and cultural preferences of Stefaniia Martyniuk.

This paper focuses on the history of the women’s thematic column “Nashym chytachkam”/“To our readers” issued in 1935-1939. The main genres of the column were selected. All issues of the column were studied and a detailed description of the editor’s work process was represented. All publications were analyzed and the stylistic features of this thematic column were studied. The conceptual peculiarities of graphic design of the column and its illustrative material were highlighted. A fashion-glossary of the most commonly used fashion terms and meanings traced in the publications of the column “Nashym chytachkam”/“For our readers” was compiled.

Keywords: the daily newspaper “Novyi Chas”/”New Time”; the column “Nashym chytachkam”/“To our readers”;      fashion; fashion journalism; Halychyna fashion-lexicon; fashion illustration; feminism.


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