Sound Image of a Regional Radio Program in the Context of Basic Trends in Development of Media Market


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Sound Image of a Regional Radio Program in the Context of Basic Trends in Development of Media Market

Pavlо Miroshnychenko, PhD. (philol. sci), Associate Professor Department of Journalism, Zaporizhzhia National University


The main objective of the study is to determine the typical and peculiar features of the sound image of regional radio station programs in the context of basic trends of development of media industry. The scientific article used the method of analysis of actual scientific information on the research topic, which facilitated to develop its concept. Also, the methods of interpreting data of sociological researches, monitoring and comparative analysis of sound image of radio programs submitted to the Tenth Context of Professional Journalism “Honor of Profession 2019” were applied.

The programs of public regional broadcaster, the Internet and FM stations actively use the socalled “trends” of media industry – genre hybridity, tendency to convergence, multiplatform specifics, visualization, purely technical accessibility to the listener. The programs of the Public Radio are characterized by considerable timing that is traditional for literary and artistic programs of the former state radio and its stylistics and manner of material’s presentation. These properties of the sound image cause the questions regarding communicative effectiveness of
such programs, as tempo and rhythm of the modern life have accelerated. The programs of regional online radio and FM stations have small timing and use the principle

“rip and read” in their material presentations. Their sound images are less because of expressive means. The lack of regional broadcasters in the contest final can indirectly demonstrate their certain information and technological gap with the media industry leaders.

The “traditions” in sound image designing of radio programs are established by the practice of daily informing that simplifies and accelerates production of information product. Simultaneously, the routine and template in the approaches to sound images designing do not  encourage to heighten interest of the audience to the radio as a source of relevant and interesting information.

KEYWORDS: radio broadcasting; radio program; sound image; trends of journalism.


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