An Article in Press and Photo Journalism


UDC 007:070:82-92

An Article in Press and Photo Journalism

Olexander Meleshchenko, Doctor of Philology, Professor, Institute of Journalism, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


In this paper it defines the genre of article and its certain characteristics that being the shortest genre of press and photojournalism, answers the questions “Who?”, “What?”, “Where?”, “When?”, “By what means?”, “How?” (much less frequently the question “Why?”) or only a part of these questions, and contains news stories that outline a specific fact, an event of reality, or a specific question that is interest to the general public.

The news stories in press and photo journalism have the object of reflection, purpose of presentation, scope of reality coverage, scope of generalization, features of literary and stylistic means to express the idea.

The news stories in press and photo journalism take into account all or some means of approximation of interests.

The articles are characterized by conciseness, lapidarity, accuracy and documentary authenticity of news stories.

The article in press journalism uses the first two most simple methods of journalistic creativity: observation and description of facts, events and phenomenons. The article in photo journalism uses observation method where facts, events and phenomenons are focused on the camera.

The different classifications of article in press journalism and their analogues in photojournalism are offered, with specific examples – in terms of volume, predictability of events and ideological comprehension.

The structural genesis of article is proposed with segregation of “direct pyramid”, “inverse pyramid” and docked pyramids – “sand clock” providing the concrete examples. Also a new term – prelead is introduced in the scientific circulation.

KEYWORDS: press journalism; photo journalism; article; news stories; lead; prelead; “direct pyramid”; “inverse pyramid”; “sand clock”.


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