Perceptual Criteria for the Quality of Journalistic Articles as a Basis for the Model of Presenting a Narrow Sectoral Socio-Economic Topic in the Online Business Media of Ukraine

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Viktoriia Nikytenko, PhD Student, Educational and Scientific Institute of Journalism, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
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The study analyzes the main criteria for the quality of reflection of the socio-economic topic on “housing/real estate” in the articles of online business media and proposes an explicit model of presenting the narrow industry topic through the media. The main objective of the article is to study the criteria of perceived quality of journalistic articles on “housing/real estate” in the Ukrainian online business media and to form an innovative model of presenting the topic based on its socio-economic nature.

The research methodology is based on the Design Science Research method (DSR), which consists in generating new knowledge by constructing and analyzing artifacts. It is based on the model of Kuchler and Vaishnavi, which allowed to identify the stages of object identification, hypothesis, analysis, evaluation, development and conclusion. The study proposes to modify this model, adding a design stage. During this stage, a unified model of presenting the topic on “housing/real estate” in the Ukrainian online business media was created. The research was conducted using a variety of methods of scientific knowledge, including the use of expert interviewing methods to determine the object of the study and its analysis.

15 journalists who were the permanent authors of Ukraine‟s online business media were selected for the expert survey. Among them there were the representatives of socio-economic media and highly specialized industry publications. The age of participants ranged from 24 to 47 years with the experience in the business media segment from 3 to 25 years.

Based on the results of the study, the article presents the perceptual criteria for the quality of journalistic articles, which became the basis to create a model for presenting narrowly specialized industry information related to the socio-economic topic on “housing/real estate” in the Ukrainian business online media taking into account the binary nature (combination of so-cial and ecomonic context).

The purpose of this model is to overcome a lack of competence in working with highly specialized industry information in online business media and to form methodological recommendations for covering the socio-economic topic on “housing/real estate”.

KEYWORDS: Ukrainian business online media; content; quality criteria for journalistic arti-cles; business journalism.

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