Ukrainian Television Weekly Program During the Quarantine Period: Genre and Format Features

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Anna Nytchenko, PhD Student, Educational and Scientific Institute of Journalism, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Corresponding author’s e-mail address:


The main objective of the study is to determine whether the quarantine restrictions imposed because of the COVID-19 pandemic affected the genre and format features of Ukrainian television weekly program as the variety of analytical genre. For this purpose, we monitored the most popular weekly program “Facts of the week. 100 minutes” (the ICTV Channel) at the beginning of quarantine measures and for the period of one year and a half of pandemic. We conducted generalized, quantitative and qualitative content analysis of each edition of the pro-gram as well as ICTV Channel‟s programming net, directorial and script plans. We analyzed and determined the problems and topics of program materials. The percentage of issues selected by the program editorial board, as well as the COVID-19 related issues were defined. In addi-tion, the means of guests‟ involvement in broadcasting were classified, and among those speak-ers recorded offline, it was determined who complied with quarantine requirements and had individual protection means. A comparative analysis was also carried out to determine whether changes had occurred and, if so, what changes had been made in the means to involve the speakers in programs recording, as well as in those issues and topics that were selected for the program materials. It was ascertained exactly what changes took place during the quarantine restrictions, and what TV executives should pay attention to in order to create and to improve the product, particularly a need to maintain a balance in selection of subjects for coverage in analytical program and to keep in mind the requirements of quarantine restrictions. The work is relevant for scientific community for its further study, and for journalism students.

KEYWORDS: television analytics; weekly program; genre; format; quarantine

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