The Philosophical Basis of Mass Emotions Processes Study in Social Communication

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The Philosophical Basis of Mass Emotions Processes Study in Social Communication

Beletska Alevtyna, PhD in Social Communication. Institute of Journalism Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


The article analyzes the contribution of philosophy as a science into the most general laws of the existence of nature, society and individual in the theory of mass communication and development of the theory of mass emotions. The objective of the article is to consider the best practice and influence of world philosophers on the modern mindset formation as to information, its trueness and verity in terms of discourse of the modern social communications. On the basis of philosophical doctrines, the certain conclusions were drawn regarding the action of the most general laws of nature, society and individual in the context of the dissertation thesis “Social Communications as the Sphere of Existence of Mass Emotions”.

The author investigates the level of philosophers’ reasoning as to an emotion as a key or secondary level of human manipulation in general and how they explain the importance of individual’s feelings in the process of information perceiving, its understanding and interpretation. The issue “individual-information-emotionmass emotion” is considered in terms of classical philosophical systems and schools – formalism, structuralism, post-structuralism, neo-positivism, relativism and doctrines of hermeneutic philosophers.

It was proved the importance of scientific basis of philosophies’ teachings for scientific analysis of the state of social communications in the 20 years of the XXI century and functionalization of mass emotion process in social communications. The author used the methods of theoretical research (systematic, comparative and functional) and comparative method for identifying common, distinctive and special issues in philosophical approach to the tools of social communication and the essence of information processes.

Keywords: nature of social communications; mass emotions; philosophy; mass information; mass
comprehension; mass interpretation.


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