The Stucture and Basic Principles of Modern Chinese Theory of Journalism

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The Stucture and Basic Principles of Modern Chinese Theory of Journalism

Vladymyrov Volodymyr, Doctor of Philology, Professor, Institute of Journalism Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


The article is an annotated translation of basic principles of the Chinese textbook on the theory of journalism. This is the first attempt in the Ukrainian journalistic studies to become involved in knowing what the media world of one of global superpowers is based on, what its theoretical foundations and the views of its researchers on the history of the Chinese media are, and how they interpret the methodological component of the modern Chinese journalism. The author of textbook is Li Lianrong, the scientist and professor of Fudan University (Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China) who is one of the authority among the PRC’s journalism elite. The article quotes the most important positions from the Chinese theory of journalism, and if necessary, it represents the critical commenties to the views of the Chinese author. This is done in those cases when there is a clear contradiction between the views of the PRC’s theorists with those views, which prevail in the Ukrainian and foreign (English-language) theories on the essence of journalism, its role and objectives in the modern democratic society.

There are a lot of historical facts from the origin of the Chinese media to their modern state that are described and commented in this article. The content of all sections and book chapters are also represented and commented. For the first time the article provides the Ukrainian readers with opportunity to acquaint themselves with prevailing views expressed by the prominent Chinese theorist as to development of the modern theory of journalism in this country, the basic concepts interpreted in terms of the theory of social communications and the views of his Chinese colleagues as to social goals, principles, ethical standards, methods of journalists’ work in this country as well as the content of media reforms launched in the PRC over the last years.

This article will also help the Ukrainian scholars to understand better from outside their own positions and the
ways of further development of Ukrainian journalism studies.

Keywords: China; theory of journalism; structure of theoretical system.


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