The Newspaper “Ukrainian News”: the American Period (1978–2000)


UDC 050.4(477-87:73)”1978/2000

The Newspaper “Ukrainian News”: the American Period (1978–2000)

Serhiy Коzak PhD (philol. sci), T. Shevchenko Institute of Literature of the National Academy of Sciences
of Ukraine 4 Michael Hrushevsky St., Kyiv


The purpose of this article is to elucidate the peculiarities of the functioning of Ukrainian News/“Ukrainski Visti” in the American period through the prism of publications (1978-2000). In order to realize the goal, the forms of subscription organization were investigated, measures aimed at strengthening the material base of the magazine, a considerable array of publications of that time were analyzed (their systematic index was prepared), and the role of the publication in shaping the cultural and spiritual heritage of the Ukrainian diaspora in the USA and other countries during the mentioned period were outlined.

The main method of research was to analyze the materials of different genres found in the pages of the newspaper as well as a historical method that allows you to study objects in chronological order. In particular, during this task a valuable fact about the changes that occurred in the edition after its relocation to the USA was obtained, the peculiarities of newspaper’s functioning in new conditions were clarified, all addresses of editors office were found out, the articles related to activities of the Publishing Union and the I. Bahrianyi Foundation which were engaged in the publication of the newspaper were examined; a number of editorial steps, aimed primarily at strengthening the financial base of the edition and its subscribers acquisition were studied.
It is found out, that relocation of the editors office from Germany to the USA encouraged the Ukrainian emigration participation, which was united behind the newspaper in scientific, educational, artistic, economic and public-political activities on the American-Canadian territory, promoted inten-sification of Naddniprianska emigration in terms of All-Ukrainian liberation movement, helped to stabilize the financial base of the newspaper, that, in the end, allowed to publish it during the next twenty two years.

KEYWORDS: newspaper; “Ukrainian News”/“Ukrainski Visti”; the USA; editorial office; the Publishing Union, article.


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