Ivan Bahrianyi – The Editor and the Author of the Newspaper “Ukrainski Visti”/ “Ukrainian News” (1945–1963)

DOI https://doi.org/10.17721/2522-1272.2019.75.11

UDC 82-92:070.4(092)’’1945/1963”Багряний

Ivan Bahrianyi – The Editor and the Author of the Newspaper “Ukrainski Visti”/ “Ukrainian News” (1945–1963)

Serhiy Коzak, PhD, Representative of the Ivan Bahriany Foundation (USA) in Ukraine


The main objective of this study is to review the journalistic and editorial activities of Ivan Bahrianyi from the perspective of articles of the newspaper “Ukrainski Visti”/”Ukrainian News”, a unique edition published in Germany and the United States after World War II (1945-2000). One of the several methods of research was to analyze the publications of I. Bahrianyi and about I. Bahrianyi, which we found on the pages of this newspaper. In particular, in the course of this task, a new valuable fact about Ivan Bahrianyi’s collaboration with the edition for eighteen years (1945 – 1963) was obtained, the publications of this period were analyzed and the peculiarities of the newspaper’s functioning when it was headed by Ivan Bahrianyi were ascertained. It is revealed that on the pages of this edition I. Bahrianyi acted in several posts: as the author of journalistic articles and works of art, as the editor-in-chief, and as a prominent political figure of the Ukrainian diaspora (the chairman of the URDP, the head of the Ukrainian National Council).

However, in whatever role Ivan Bahriany appeared on the pages of the newspaper (publicist, author of art works, public figure, editor), each of them was important and each of them can be considered as a separate cultural and spiritual property, but at the same time they all make up the phenomenon, which undoubtedly deserves a separate section in the history of the press of Ukrainian political emigration in the mid and the second half of the twentieth century.

KEYWORDS: newspaper; Ivan Bahriany; “Ukrainski Visti”/”Ukrainian News”; article; emigration; writer; editor.


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