The Genesis of «Zhinocha Storinka»/«Women’s Page» Through the Prism of Fashion and Feminism (the Case of the Newspaper «Novyi ChaS»/«New Time» (1926–1939))


UDC 070.445-055.2:687.01]:[070.41-051:070.48](477.83-074) “1926/1939″(045)

The Genesis of «Zhinocha Storinka»/«Women’s Page» Through the Prism of Fashion and Feminism (the Case of the Newspaper «Novyi ChaS»/«New Time» (1926–1939))

Khrystyna Astaptseva, PhD Student Department of Media Communications, Ukrainian Academy of Printing 19 Pid Goloskom St., Lviv, 79020, Ukraine,

The objective of the study is to examine the genesis of «Women’s Page»/«Zhinocha Storinka» in the newspaper «New Time»/«Novyj Chas») in the context of fashion and feminism issues and to actualize the working experience of editors and journalists of this thematic column.
The methods of research applied in this study are the following: the descriptive (ideographic) method used for recording individual characteristics of work of editors in this column; the periodization method combined with chronological method was applied to trace differences between the content and artistic-technical design of «Women’s Page»/ «Zhinocha Storinka» issues for the period from 1926 till 1939. Also the biographical method was used to study the creative heritage of the editors Mariia Strutynska and Stefaniia Martyniuk. In terms of this
method, their worldviews were analyzed as well as their life histories were compared to the time and living conditions in which they lived.
For the first time it is represented the comprehensive retrospective study of «Women’s Page»/ «Zhinocha Storinka» in the newspaper «New Time»/«Novyj Chas» from the beginning of its foundation until complete termination of its distribution.
This study aims to understand the particularities of foundation of «Women’s Page»/ «Zhinocha Storinka» and its further functioning within the harsh Polish occupation policy. It describes the tasks and objectives of «Women’s Page»/ «Zhinocha Storinka» set by the editors of this thematic column.
In this study we ascertain the names and determine the cryptonyms of editors and journalists of «Women’s Page»/ «Zhinocha Storinka» column and reflect the main milestones of their biographies. Also it is studied and analyzed the information content and editing methods of the woman’s column.
The content of «Women’s Page»/ «Zhinocha Storinka», its rubrication and structure are researched. A special attention is paid to fashion and feminism related publications and their sociocultural significance.

KEYWORDS: the Publishing Concern «Ukrayinska Presa» / «Ukrainian Printed Press»; Ivan Tyktor; «Women’s Page»/ «Zhinocha Storinka»; «Zhinochi Visti»/ «Women’s News»; «Zhinochyj Kutyk»/ «Women’s Corner», Mariia Strutynska; Stefaniia Martyniuk; history of journalism; women’s periodicals; feminism; fashion, editors.


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