Art Book in the Theoretical Dimension and Practice System of the Editor

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Art Book in the Theoretical Dimension and Practice System of the Editor

Anna Bidun, PhD Student, Institute of Journalism, National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv 36/1 Illienka St., Kyiv, 04119, Ukraine

An art book is a type of editions that condenses mould-breaking, innovational, uncommon approaches of both  uthor and publisher on the idea of creation of a specific book content. In practice it’s common (by mistake or on purpose)  o use art book definition to classify each traditional book that is unique by all means. As a result, this confuses all participants of the publishing process. The aim of the research is to study whether all editions that are defined as art books correspond to this classification, and to consider all challenges that the editors are facing to.
Using the methods of observation and analysis we have found out that the dozens of Ukrainian and foreign editions can or cannot be classified as art books. Using the systems analysis method this data became a background for revealing the consistent pattern in defining art books and editions that relate logically similar to them.
The research results confirm a problem of non-conformances between the content of editions and their classification. The illustrated artistic or fiction editions are often classified to the category of art book. Their main essential and typological properties don’t allow us to designate them as art books. The scope of this problem testifies the unconscious usage of these categories, neglect of basic art book properties or blind following to current trends for manipulative purpose that influences the culture of art books publishing and readers’ expectations.

KEYWORDS: art book; art edition; graphic (figurative) edition; illustrated book; artististic  book.


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