Peculiarities of the communication system of a trade union organization as a public organization

DOI: 10.17721/2522-1272.2023.84.9  

UDC 659.3:331.105.44(477)

Anna Udovenko, Postgraduate Student, Educational and Scientific Institute of Journalism, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv,


The purpose of this study is to analyze and systematize the features of the communication system of a trade union as a public organization, taking into account its role in protecting the rights and interests of employees, highlighting the impact of these features on the internal dynamics of the organization and the effectiveness of achieving its main goals. The work uses general scientific methods and approaches. The key scientific approach that we used for the selection and justification of the methodology was socio-communicative. We studied all the sources and works of scientists using the analytical-synthetic method. With the help of a system approach, a single theoretical basis for own research has been created. We used the comparison method to highlight unique features that are unique to the communication systems of trade union public organizations. The inductive method was applied when comparing the views of researchers and scientists on the main concepts and terms of research.

The study proved that the communication system of trade union public organizations is special and has its own characteristics. It was found that there are differences in the communication system of public organizations and the communication system of trade union public organizations in information transfer technologies and the number and types of stakeholders. It has been observed that this is influenced by the peculiarity of the Ukrainian legislation, which concerns public associations and the sphere of activity of trade unions. It was determined that «strikes» and «trade union bulletins» belong to the special technologies of information transmission in the communication system of trade union organizations. Also, a unique feature and one of the features in the communication process in trade unions is such a stakeholder as the «employer».

KEYWORDS: communication system; external communication; internal communication; trade unions; public organizations.

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