Individual and Mass Emotions in Marketing Communications: the Role, Place and Meaning of Brands and Science

DOI: 10.17721/2522-1272.2023.83.6  

UDC 007:339.138:159.942

Alevtyna Demutska, PhD. (Social Communications), Аssistant Educational and Scientific Institute of Journalism


The subject of the author‘s publications are scientific achievements in the field of social communication and materials in mass media that demonstrate the social significance of study of social communication as a sphere of functioning of mass emotions. The participants of social communication should be aware of the phenomenon of transformation of individual emotions in the mass under the influence of the source of information, the media expert and the recipient of information product and commercial brand. The objective of the study is to explain the social problems of the phenomenon of introducing mass emotions into marketing communication.

The main results of the research: the article presents the attempts and the effects of mass emotions in marketing communication of global and Ukrainian brands.

We have reason to believe that the individual emotions of different consumers are combined in certain circumstances in time and space, and the brand becomes the epicenter of attention and the cause of formation of mass emotions in the field of social communications. The examples from the practical field of marketing communications confirm the theory of new triune nature of social communication, that consists of mass information, mass interpretations, and mass emotions.

Using the method of observation, actual material was selected for the analysis of cases where emotion marketing formed (or demonstrated attempts to form) phenomena of mass information influence on the audience. The description method was applied to characterize trends in marketing communications. The method of analysis and interpretation of the received data was used in the formation of research conclusions regarding the results of the impact of mass emotions on the audience of various brands that used emotion marketing for their purposes.

The theses of this article are taken from the researcher‘s lecture on the topic ―Individual and mass emotions in marketing communications‖, presented to the students of the 1st year of the studio ―Marketing and Market Communication‖ of the Krakow University of Economics (Republic of Poland) aimed at approving the research topic among the рolish scientists.

KEYWORDS: marketing communication; brand communication; individual emotions; mass emotions; mass interpretation.

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