Interviews in Electronic Mass Media. Development Invariants Compared to Print Publications

UDC 070.422

Mikita Vasilenko, Doctor of Philol. Sciences, Professor, Educational and Scientific Institute of Journalism, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
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The scientific study is designed to solve the problem of specificity of transformation and interaction of print and Internet publications, with an emphasis on interviews that is the most common genre in the system of information and journalistic genres.

The objective of the article is to detect fundamental and meaningful differences in the methodology of preparation and coverage of interview in press and Internet journalism; to show the specifics of complex processes.

Research methods. The method of content analysis became the empiric basis of the scientific paper and the source for theoretical references and conclusions. The author used the historical and the comparative methods of research, because it is impossible to analyze the development of interview genre without reference to the theory and practice of press journalism. The author used the generalization method in order to reduce the specific details and empirics features, making theoretical generalizations on the basis of them. The results of the study. The author represents the thesis according to which the task of an interview is not only to inform, but also to provide aesthetic and ethical education. The genre of interviews-dialogue slowly revives in the Ukrainian Internet journalism. The interview-dialogue in the modern Internet publications significantly varies from the interview-dialogue in the print ones. An interviewer-essay and an interview-sketching have the pronounced elements of fiction. The new Internet publications will appear, and the different types of interviews will be revived with rising level of social morality and self-organization of population mass. Conclusions and suggestions. The process of transformation and adaptation of the interview genre from print publications to Internet ones has been completed. The genre is focused on the new media platforms that are rather unusual for domestic journalists; the interview develops according to its own dynamyc. Therefore, the interviews in Internet publications should be prepared by journalists who specialize in materials designed for the Internet editions.

KEYWORDS: genre; interview; new journalism; sources; dialogue; mass consciousness.


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