Typological Particularities of the Newspaper “Literaturа Plіus”

DOI https://doi.org/10.17721/2522-1272.2021.78.6

UDC 070.488:005(477)

Typological Particularities
of the Newspaper “Literaturа Plіus”

Daria Kharamurza, PhD Student, Academician Stepan Demianchuk International University of Economics and Humanities, 4, acad. S. Demianchuk St., Rivne, 33000, Ukraine


The main objective of the study is to characterize the newspaper “Literaturа plіus” as an example of high-quality literary and art periodicals, to determine typological particularities of the newspaper.

Methodology. The research was conducted using the following methods: historical and descriptive methods as well as analysis, synthesis, content analysis and generalization. With the help of these methods, the dynamics of changes of the newspaper “Literature plіus” were studied during the whole period of its existence, its content was analyzed and its comprehensive description was given.

Results. The newspaper “Literaturа plіus” informed its readers about the new books, published the texts of Ukrainian postmodernists, and gave a qualitative analysis of the modern processes at the literary, cultural, and socio-political life of the country. The audience of the newspaper was the intellectual community of Ukraine that was open to critical dialogue and thirsty for change. The content analysis of the newspaper allowed ascertaining that division according to subject headings was formed according to genre-thematic principle. Its publication frequency was changed a few times. “Literaturа plіus” highlighted the following topics – the modern Ukrainian literature, the world literary process, the literary criticism, the book publishing, the concepts of literary theory, the problems of literary history, the feminist and gender studies, the phenomena of modern culture. The newspaper involved intellectuals in the debate of topical issues of literature and culture.

Conclusions. The typological particularities of the newspaper “Literaturа plіus” were analyzed for the first time in the article. The author ascertained that focusing on the traditions and methods of the western studies throughout its existence, the newspaper “Literaturа plіus” showed a high level of literary criticism and was one of the most interesting literary and artistic magazines in Ukraine.

KEYWORDS: literary and art magazine; literary criticism; mass media; journalism; “Literaturа plіus”.


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