Social Problems of Social Communications Research as Mass Emotion Areas of Functioning

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Social Problems of Social Communications Research as Mass Emotion Areas of Functioning

Alevtyna Beletska, PhD in Social Communication Institute of Journalism, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


The subject of the new publication of the author are scientific researches in the field of social communication, monographs, materials in the media, that demonstrate the social importance of social communications researching as areas of functioning of mass emotions. The participants of social communications need to realize the phenomenon of transformation of individual emotions into mass emotions under the influence of information source, media specialist and recipient of an information product.

The objective of the study is to elucidate the social problems of phenomenon of mass emotions’ coverage in social communications for the purpose of controlling mass consciousness by the efforts of mass media representatives, works of popular cinema and other subjects of formation of public opinion.

The methods of theoretical research (system, comparative and functional methods) and a specific scientific method of media monitoring were used to achieve the goal.

The main results of the study: the topic “Mass emotions as a sphere of social communication functioning” has the social importance for all participants in the process of social communication – media professionals and audiences. It is proved that creation of the theory of mass emotions within the framework of the theory of social communications will contribute to solving the systemic problem of the quality of mass information institutions and the social communication product, as well as effectiveness and professionalism of their work in the post-truth and fake news, and will make it impossible to manipulate emotions of mass audience in order to achieve communicative tasks.

KEYWORDS: social communication; mass emotions; influence on public opinion; mass interpretation; post-truth.


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