The History of Chinese Pre-Journalism by Professor Li Liangrong: from Emperor Qin Shi Huang to Qin Dynasty

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The History of Chinese Pre-Journalism by Professor Li Liangrong: from Emperor Qin Shi Huang to Qin Dynasty

Vladymyrov Volodymyr, Doctor of Philology, Professor, Institute of Journalism, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.


The article represents the new facts, phenomena and trends on the early stages of Chinese journalism formation, taken from several sources, mainly (and for the first time in Ukrainian journalism studies) from the textbook on journalism theory of journalism by the Professor Li Liangrong from Fudan University (the People’s Republic of China). This is not the first attempt in Ukrainian journalism studies to learn how the Chinese pre-journalism was developed. However this is the first translation from the Chinese fragments of the text-book “Introduction to Journalism” as one of the most popular textbooks in China that was developed on the basis of scientific traditions of the famous Missouri School of Journalism in the United States.

The translation from Chinese language is provided with the comments giving an opportunity to see theoretical basis of the historical aspect of formation of the media of one of the world’s superpowers, as well as the views of researchers of this country on the history of their own media, how they interpret the historical component of the contemporary Chinese journalism research. For translation, we have chosen the textbook by Professor Li Liangrong, one of the most authoritative representatives of the“old” elite of the Chinese journalism theory.

The article cites the most important positions of the history of Chinese pre-journalism. For this purpose, the views of the Chinese author are the subjects to critical commenting. The historical researches from origin of the Chinese lettering to the beginning of the Qin Empire, the last imperial dynasty of China was described and commented.

The article provides the Ukrainian reader with the opportunity to see for the first time in detail what views the prominent Chinese theorist has on how the history of journalism in this country arised and what are the conclusions of historical experience during this period according to Chinese colleagues. The article will also help Ukrainian media historians to understand better their own achievements and the lessons of our pre-history journalism development.

KEYWORDS: China; history of journalism; pre-journalism phenomena; history of printing.


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