The Foundational Structure of Television News Layout: a Standardized Approach in News Production

DOI: 10.17721/2522-1272.2023.84.7  

UDC 007:654.197

Dmytro Telenkov, honored journalist of Ukraine, Lecturer of the Department of Cinematography and TV Arts Educational and Scientific Institute of Journalism, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv,


This research introduces an original definition of the «news layout model,» emphasizing its significance as a conventional approach in crafting news broadcasts. The study reveals that the architecture of this model encompasses the principles of selection and ranking of topics, methodologies for information presentation, and on-air techniques. These components are inherently linked to strategic approaches in topic selection and ranking, which are grounded in the foundational principles of news creation. The presentation methods relate to the overarching strategies for assembling a news broadcast, employing a system of techniques that enable the creation of a comprehensive information segment. Meanwhile, the layout techniques are aligned with strategic approaches that ensure the news program is structured and visually organized.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of television production, the meticulously developed news layout model stands as a cornerstone for swift and coordinated preparation of news segments, thereby facilitating channel discourse management.

KEYWORDS: Television layout; information modeling; TV news; news layout model; principles; methods; techniques; agenda.

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