40 basic ideas to creating mass information theory

DOI: 10.17721/2522-1272.2023.84.1  

UDC 007:659.3:316.28

Volodymyr Vladymyrov, Doctor of Philology, Professor Educational and Scientific Institute of Journalism of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University,


One of the scientific paradoxes of the late 20th and early 21st centuries is the absence of mass information theory. This takes place at the height of the mass information age. Information theo- ry does not replace this lack. This theory is within the limits of exact sciences. The theory of mass communication is also not concerned with research into the nature of mass information.

The author’s analysis of the scientific literature showed an almost complete absence of publica- tions on this topic in Ukraine, Europe, and the USA. In some places there were episodic appeals by scientists to the question of what mass information is. However, they did not constitute sys- tematic and in-depth research.

In several scientific publications, the author raised the question of the necessity of creating such a theory. However, the reaction of the scientific community was rather passive. Therefore, the author decided to create the foundations of such a theory himself.

Below are 40 basic ideas on which, in our opinion, a new scientific theory could be created.

KEYWORDS: mass information; media; theory; mass communication.

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