Mediaregulation in the System of Information Law: a Legal Context of Creating Media Regulation Mechanisms

10.17721/2522-1272.2022.81.2 (DOI)

UDC 007:070.133:342.732

Tetiana Prystupenko, PhD(historical) Professor, Head of the Department of Periodical Press, Educational and Scientific Institute of Journalism, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
0000-0001-9546-8228 (ORCID)


Three components of the media regulation mechanism, namely state regulation, joint regulation and self-regulation are identified. The international and domestic normative legal framework for implementation of state regulation of means of mass communication is considered. The problem of the lack of clear structuring and the outdated nature of legislation in the sphere of regulation of means of mass communication is highlighted. The characteristics of changes in the Ukrainian legislation regarding the activities of mass media and journalists after the start of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine are presented. The peculiarities of regulation of media activities by the draft Law “On Media” during the armed aggression are highlighted. The advantages and disadvantages of the draft law “On Media” in the edition of July 27, 2022 are summarized. The importance of legislative consolidation of the mechanism of online media regulation, including Telegram news channels, is substantiated. The key requirements for adaptation of the Ukrainian media legislation to the requirements of the EU legislation are highlighted. The peculiarities of legal support of the institute of joint regulation in the draft law “On Media” have been studied. The content of self-regulation as a tool of the media regulation mechanism is revealed, the characteristics of the components of self-regulation tool, in particular ethical codes of journalists, professional standards, recommendations for covering certain categories of events, rules of conduct during the armed conflicts are presented. The importance of legislative consolidation of self-regulation in the work of means of mass communication is substantiated.

Keywords: means of mass communication; mechanism of media regulation; state regulation of mass media; joint regulation of mass media; self-regulation.

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