Historical Reporting. Development of Theory, Enrichment of Empirics


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Mуkуta Vasilenko, Doctor of Philol. Sciences, Professor, Educational and Scientific, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.
Corresponding author’s e-mail address: nik-kim@ukr.net


In the modern scientific developments, the topic of historical reporting rarely arises. Simultaneously, historical reporting with cognitive content in the current socio-economic conditions is invaluable in terms of aesthetic and patriotic education.The objective of the article is to use concrete empiricism to confirm the fact of real existence and rapid evolution of historical report- ing, defining its stylistic characteristics, specifics of collecting factual material, adherence to the rules of professional ethics when writing original material.
Research methods. The historical-comparative method is widely used to cover objectively the problem throughout its development: from fixation in the scientific literature ten years ago to this scientific study. The method of content analysis allowed to summarize and to systematize the factual material that became the basis for writing the historical reports. The method of generalization could be used when summarizing the results and depicting the prospective ways of further scientific inquiry.
Results. The social changes taking place in the country since 1991 could not fail to raise the questions in mass and especially public consciousness, as for the issue of the past and the prospects for the future. When it comes to historical researches, namely the fiction on interpretation of past events and facts, sometimes their concepts differ fundamentally. The historical reporting in its form may resemble a blog, historical investigation. The author of this scientific study insists that historical reporting is as close as possible to the objective reality. Conclusions and suggestions. The historical reporting develops as a genre. A number of empiricists is increasing, the editors publish the historical researches written in a fictional style.
The historical reporting will soon be perceived as an everyday reality. In regards to the prospects of training of journalists who will work in this complex genre, it should be recognized that this activity provides for significant funding involving the experts in writing the material.

KEYWORDS: historical reporting; genre; new journalism; sources; mass consciousness.


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