Anthropocentrism in Ukrainian Social Journalism

UDC 007:659.3:070.15

Bohdan Synchak, PhD Student at Kyiv University of Culture.  Lecturer at the Journalism Department of Ukrainian Institute of Arts and Science.
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The article considers the phenomenon of social journalism in Ukraine. In particular, it substantiates its importance and necessity as an original activity in journalism. The objective of the study is to generalize the available experience of classification of social journalism in Ukraine and to compare it with the foreign ones; to analyze the applied activity of a social journalist through the prism of peculiarities of his/her work with respondents and media coverage of urgent social issues based on the obtained results. The methods of comparison and synthesis were used. The method of comparison is used for comparing the current state of social journalism in Ukraine with foreign samples. The method of synthesis highlighted the categorical features of media materials in social journalism.
The functioning of social journalism and professional standards involved in providing this kind of information to the public are considered. The peculiarities of the social journalist’s work with respondents and coverage of social problems in the media were analyzed on the example of materials of BBC News Ukraine related to the topic “exchange of ATO prisoners of war” in January 2018.

KEYWORDS: social journalism in Ukraine; a human being in journalism; social problems in the media.


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