Mass Emotions in Social Communication as a Resource for Strengthening Mass Media Impact


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Mass Emotions in Social Communication
as a Resource for Strengthening Mass Media Impact

Alevtyna Demutska, PhD. (Social Communications), Аssistant Institute of Journalism, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, 36/1 Illienka St., Kyiv, 04119, Ukraine


Current research on the issues of social communications pay little attention to the problem of mass emotions, despite the effect of “implicit presence” of this phenomenon in social communications. Characterizing the crowd and mass audience, the author’s previous researches show the important role of mass emotions as a tool that unites people in social communications, induces a centrifugal force that reformats “collective soul” of the audience to the state of “public opinion” through communication apperception. The objective of the study is to determine the tools of the process of the audience’ emotional massification and the mechanisms of explicit or implicit provocation of mass emotional outbursts through mass media impact. The methods of observation, description, comparison, generalization were used to achieve the goal. The method of observation was used to select material for the analysis of social phenomena, where it was potentially possible to state the media impact on the audience. The method of description was used to characterize the trends and features of increasing impacts on the audience at the peak of political discourses. The main results and conclusions of the study is the existence of cause and effect relationship of mass emotions in social communications, their interaction with mass information, mass interpretation, which confirm the threefold nature of modern social communication.

KEYWORDS: social communication; mass information; mass emotions; mass media impact.


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