Corporate Communications as a Direction of Public Relations: Theoretical and Historical Aspects


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Corporate Communications as a Direction of Public Relations:
Theoretical and Historical Aspects

Dmytro Oltarzhevskyi, Doctor of Social Communications, Professor Institute of Journalism, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


The article studies the origins and the world historical experience of corporate communications branch which with the growth and globalization of large business in the early XX century was separated into an independent public relations sphere of activity. The attempt has been made to generalize and to structure the acquired theoretical material dedicated to this topic. Based on the analysis of English-language scientific sources the corporate communications concept is characterized and its connection with other related areas including media activities is studied. The object of the study is considered through a historical prism as a set of management and communication approaches of business organizations aimed at effective interaction with internal and external stakeholders, harmonization of relations with society, management functions implementation, brand promotion, and business development in general. The influence of the most important historical events, certain companies, and individuals on the corporate communications evolution is traced. It is described how the historical realities affected the establishment of the studied concept, the peculiarities of its implementation, as well as transformations in the modern business and social and communication environment. It is proved that the corporate communications history largely coincides with the general chronology of public relations but at the same time has its clear line. The maturity, global nature, rich content, and practical significance of this activity for both business and society are demonstrated. One of the conclusions is that corporate communications integrate a number of applied management
functions, covering the various communication roles, activities and tools due to a set of historical factors, and public relations is a macro-phenomenon under the auspices of which corporate communications have been formed and continue to develop.

KEYWORDS: history; corporate communications; corporate media; public relations..


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