Literary Staff of “Ukrainian News” (1945, Germany – 2000, USA)


UDC 050.42(477-87:[430+73])”1945/2000″

Literary Staff of “Ukrainian News” (1945, Germany – 2000, USA)

Serhiy Коzak, PhD (philol. sci), T. Shevchenko Institute of Literature of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


The objective of this article is to find out names and activities of literary staff (editorial staff and freelance writers) of the newspaper ”Ukrainian News”/“Ukrainski Visti” from the perspective of publications of this emigration edition, which first appeared in Germany (1945–1978) after WWII and later in the United States (1978–2000). In order to achieve this objective, the biographies and creative achievements of its staff who rallied around this newspaper and determined its ideological core were investigated. In particular, the pre-emigration and emigration paths of authors and staff of the newspaper and their journalistic experience were studied, it was proved that the high educational level of authors had a direct impact on the level of their materials, and therefore on the level of the edition as a whole, and further contributed to enlargement of its thematic spectrum. It is noticeable that for many authors the collaboration with the newspaper lasted for decades, namely the whole emigration period of their lives.

The main method of research was to analyze the materials we searched for on the front pages of the newspaper. Thus, in the course of this task implementation, the new information about the authors was obtained, the peculiarities of creative biographies of the newspaper’s employees were clarified, the names of editorial staff were clarified, the publications about the literary staff were analyzed, the contents of their materials were examined, a list of the most active authors was made. It was found that the life and professional experience, educational level of literary workers and ideological platform of the newspaper built up in time and aimed at gaining independence of Ukraine, became those factors that allowed in a short period of time, despite the difficulties of “new conditions” in which the Ukrainians found themselves after the Second World War, to establish first a regular issue of the edition, and then to lay the foundation of strength, which allowed in a difficult period of lives in a strange land to publish a mother-tongue newspaper, which was destined for decades being a voice and a platform of the Ukrainian political emigration.

KEYWORDS: newspaper; “Ukrainian News”; newspaper office; authors; journalist; article.


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