Informational Shortage as a Component of Media Title’s Attractiveness


UDC 070:82-92:81’42

Informational Shortage as a Component of Media Title’s Attractiveness

Iryna Marynenko, PhD. (philol. sci), Associate Professor Institute of Journalism, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


The relevance of the study is stipulated by the main role of the Internet publications titles in solving the issue whether it is necessary for user to read the text of publication. To interest the reader the authors use today the titles with omissions and ambiguity. The objective of the given research is to find out the mostly used language means, which are used by cross media journal-ists in order to create the titles with intrigue component. The following methods of analysis were used during the study: the method of entire selection from cross media texts; the descrip-tive method for defining the way of creating intrigue and finding out the reasons of such phe-nomenon; the methods of analysis and synthesis for systematization and classification of col-lected intrigue components.

As a result of the study 11 quite widely used lexical semantic and grammatical means, which contribute the creation of titles with the elements of intrigue were found. Among the lexical semantic means the following ones can be mentioned: usage of hyponyms instead of genetic terms; usage of words with abstract meaning; semantic perceptional themes; emotional expres-sive attributes and polysemic lexemes. The morphological and syntactical means of creating the intrigue include pronouns and adverbs of general indicating semantics, interrogative and relative pronouns and adverbs, some kinds of one-member sentences, contextually incomplete sentenc-es, absence of adverbial modifier of time and place, which creates the time and space ambiguity, and the particle no before the name of the subject or object of the action. In the conclusion it is summarized that the above mentioned means increase the interest of the reader, encourage him/her to read the whole article, which is the main aim of the journalists’ work. In such a way the rates of website’s attendance and the popularity of author are also increased.

KEYWORDS: title; Internet media; language means; intrigue.


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