The Architecture and the Pace of the Press-Marathon of the President of Ukraine V. Zelensky


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The Architecture and the Pace of the Press-Marathon of the President of Ukraine V. Zelensky

Kostyantin Hrubych, PhD. (social communications), Senior lecturer Kyiv


The main schemes of architectonics, which is a structural base of television action, general outward form of construction and interrelation of its parts, their correlation to each other are determined. The pattern of application of archetypical principle of human perception of stories from Aristotle’s first works to use of communication technologies of proportionality of journalist’s text construction by contemporary TV reporters and screenwriters are researched. The novelty of the study is in an attempt to segregate clearly the notions of script composition from architectonics, the essence of difference of priority of the rhythm category namely for architectonics. The objective of the study is to determine the basic schemes of architectonics which is the structural basis of television action, the general appearance and interrelation of its parts, their correlation with each other. Such empirical research methods as observation, abstraction and analysis have been applied. The result of the study was the analysis of television scripts of various programs, definition of main components of architectonics – its beginning, middle and end parts, as well as presentation of structural diagrams of script architectonics. It is emphasized that the action in the scenario should be organized in such way that the dramatic tension curve and the viewer interest curve are being evenly raised from the beginning to the end of the spectacle. The scenario construction of a record-breaking press-marathon with the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi that took place on October 10, 2019 in the capital of Ukraine at Kyiv Food Market was first studied in the scientific literature.

KEYWORDS: television; script; architectonics; rhythm; proportionality


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