The Topic of “Crimes of the Kremlin” in the Ukrainian Emigration Press (Based on the Materials of Yuriy Lavrinenko in the Newspaper “Ukrainski Visti’/”Ukrainian News”: Germany, 1945 – USA, 1988)

10.17721/2522-1272.2023.82.6 (DOI)

UDC 070.4″ 1945/1988″ Lavrinenko

Serhiy Коzak, T.G. Shevchenko Institute of Literature of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
0000-0002-5849-9612  (ORCID)


The name of Yuriy Lavrinenko, the author of the anthology ―Shot Renaissance‖, is well known outside of Ukraine. And although he is most often associated with the literary studies, his political journalism as the journalist and the writer is no less important, which is especially visible in the example of his cooperation with the newspaper ―”Ukrainski Visti”/”Ukrainian News”. Therefore, the main research methodology was the analysis of this newspaper‘s publications. The objective of the article is to find out the role and the significance of Yuriy Lavrinenko‘s journalistic heritage on the pages of ―”Ukrainski Visti”/”Ukrainian News” in the social and political life of the Ukrainian emigration, to determine its problematic and thematic directions, the most important of which is the study of Russia‘s crimes against Ukraine, to highlight the truth about which, in particular thanks to his articles, became the mission – the task and the vocation – of the entire post-Soviet emigration after the Second World War. To realize this objective, more than one hundred publications of various genres were processed, their total number (133) was clarified, their bibliographic description was prepared for the first time, the thematic and genre diversity was determined, and finally, Yuriy Lavrinenko‘s contribution to the study of materials about the Kremlin crimes in Ukraine was outlined in the columns of the newspaper.

KEYWORDS: Yuriy Lavrinenko; ―Ukrainski Visti‖/‖Ukrainian News‖; emigration; literature;

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