Methods and Tools for Popularization of “Korolivske” Gospel

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Halyna Shumytska, Doctor of Philol. Sciences, Professor Uzhhorod National University, Department of Journalism.
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Vasyl Sharkan, PhD of Philol. Sciences, Associate Professor Uzhhorod National University, Department of Journalism.
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The objective of the paper is to develop PR-tools for popularization of “Korolivske” Gospel – the unique manuscript dated by 1401, the original of which is preserved in the funds of the Transcarpathian Local Lore Museum. The manuscript with expressive features of the Old Ukrainian language, created in the westernmost region of the modern Ukraine, needs immediate restoration. Thus, development and application of tools for its popularization will promote wider awareness of the public of Transcarpathian region and Ukraine in general about its importance and can accelerate solution to the issue of its restoration and, consequently, preservation of an important part of the Ukrainian cultural heritage.
The PR-tools include the following: creation of a story-legend, which might be the basis for various video works (from short informative videos targeted at different categories of persons to popular science film with researchers’ scientific comments about the manuscript); sharing them on social networks, as well as on the official pages of relevant ministries (Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ministry of Culture of Ukraine), the websites of institutions of higher education, other educational institutions, on television; creation and use of sound advertising in public transport (cities, regions), print advertising in bookstores and at book exhibitions, etc., banner on billboards and lightboxes, on tourist portals with high attendance; an offer to take a picture opposite the decorations or original installations related to the cultural manuscript, with special hashtags with their further distribution on social networks and blogs; active cooperation with the media; active involvement of young people in manuscript promotion.
The events conducted to disseminate information on various modern platforms, including online ones and using a number of PR-tools might expedite solution to the issue to restore the manuscript, as well as to popularize it qualitatively.
The study used the cultural-historical method (to characterize the significance of “Korolivske” Gospel for Ukrainian culture), the descriptive method (to determine the methods and tools for popularization of the manuscript) and the method of generalization used to summarize the study.

KEYWORDS: PR-tools; “Korolivske” Gospel; methods of popularization; platforms for popularization.


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